Dry Cleaning

A cleaning process in which garments are cleaned by chemicals instead of water.

Top Dry Cleaners California
Top Dry Cleaners California


State of the art industrial size washers along with high quality detergents & starch.


From hemming to tappering, we do it all!

Leather Dry Cleaners California

Leather & Suede

Our professional leather and suede cleaning and restoration service can bring tired items back to life.


We clean everything from comforters to carpets & rugs and even drapes.

Rugs Cleaners California
Wedding Gown Dry Cleaners CA, California

Wedding Gowns

Bring your wedding gown to park avenue cleaners and let us help you cherish your memories with our wedding gown preservation package.

Fur Cleaning

The fur cleaning process is similar to our leather and suede process. We send these garments out to a professional fur cleaner since fur cleaning requires special solvents and temperature precise machines to insure it's completely cleaned and does not get damaged.

Fur Dry Cleaners
Fast Dry Cleaners

Same Day Service

We provide same day dry clean & laundry services at our dublin main plant, drop off by 8am and pick up by 4pm the same day for a small additional fee. Please always call ahead to insure the same day service is still available for that particiular day.